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 Across 20 years of experience as an expert sound engineer, Benjamin Savignoni has established an excellent reputation after successfully working with many talented recording artists across a variety of musical styles. 

In 2017, Ben joined Translab Mastering Studios, one of the most prestigious mastering studios in France. Since then, Ben has mastered hundreds of records and produced Laquers cutting of the highest quality.

Ben offers an approach and treatment highly customized to your project and vision, the highest quality, and full compliance with international technical standards :

  • Online or Attended Mastering

  • Mastering for Streaming Plateforms

  • Mastering for CD (Master DDP)

  • High Resolution Mastering

  • Stem Mastering

  • "MFIT" Mastering : Apple Digital Master

  • Lacquer cutting (Neumann VMS 80) 

Benjamin Savignoni Mastering - Translab
Benjamin Savignoni Vinyl

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BENJAMIN SAVIGNONI – TRANSLAB, Mastering en ligne, gravures vinyles - Paris 75 IDF (Ile de France)

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